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Model 750 Transducer Installation

The Model 750 Pressure Transducer is a competitively priced, extremely accurate, auto-zeroing, transducer. The auto-zero feature occurs approximately every 45 seconds and takes 400 milliseconds to complete. The patented auto-zeroing circuit has two main advantages, it eliminates the need to adjust the zero point after initial installation, and reduces long term drift. Pressure ranges available are 0-0.1” to 0-5” W.C., in four outputs 4- 20mA, 1-5VDC, 1-6VDC and 1-10VDC.

1. Location– The model 750 pressure transducer should be placed in as clean, dry and vibration free a location as possible.

2. Pressure Connections– The model 750 pressure transducer uses 2 brass barbed fittings for use with 1/8”or 1/4” ID vinyl or rubber tubing. Attach tubing from positive pressure or higher pressure source to port marked High (P1) and lower or negative pressure to Low (P2) port. Arrange tubing to minimize stress on connections. If possible mount with ports facing down, to aid in moisture drainage.

3. Mounting– Attach the Model 750 Transducer to the mounting surface using 2 fasteners inserted through the two mounting holes located on the front edge of the transducer case. Do not overtighten. The offset of the 750 series transducer is set at the factory, but may need to be adjusted after installation. NOTE: Allow 5 minutes to warm up before adjusting the offset.


All electrical connections to the 750 series transducers are made to the 3 wire pigtail. The 3 wire pigtail is coded as follows. Red = + Supply, Black = – Supply, Green = Signal Out. An external power supply delivering 24 VDC/24 VAC with min 70mA no load, and 100mA peak is required to drive the unit.

CAUTION: Do not exceed specified supply voltage. Do not apply voltage to GREEN wire as permanent damage will occur.


750 Series Pressure transducers with a 4- 20mA output can be easily adapted to receivers requiring 1-5 VDC input. Insert a 250 ohm resistor between the + and – controller signal input terminals. This will safely convert the 4 to 20 mA signal to the desired voltage.


Remove plug located on the front of the transducer. With the transducer installed and no pressure applied, place a meter between the supply negative and the output. Turn offset pot to desired reading.


If any problems are encountered during installation please call the number below for assistance.

Call 1-800-735-8998