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Series 750 Zero-Maintenance Pressure Transducer

  • The one and only AutoTran 750
  • Zeros itself automatically once a minute by triggering internal valve
  • Prevents zero offset shifts due to temperature changes
  • If you have problems with drifting sensors, this is your best solution
  • Lifetime stability of +/- 0.5% FSO
  • Accuracy of +/- 0.75% FSO
  • +/- 0.25% (accuracy) version available

Series 855 Board-Mountable Pressure Transducer

  • Low cost OEM transmitter
  • Excellent long-term stability
  • Fully compensated and signal conditioned
  • Several wiring and terminal options available (consult factory for options)
  • When you don’t need the housing, terminals or higher voltage outputs, this is your solution

Series 860 Pressure Transducer

  • Low cost with high reliability
  • Available in pressure ranges from 0/0.25”WC up to 0/15PSI, including bi-directional
  • Output stability of 0.5% FSO
  • Perfect for a variety of air and inert gas applications such as duct static, VAV and fan control
  • Each unit is individually temperature compensated
  • Dual die sensor allows for the best temperature correction
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About Controller Sensors

Controller Sensors/AutoTran has been manufacturing pressure transmitters since 1985 with the advent of the auto zeroing pressure transmitter, the 750D. They are used widely in HVAC systems and by OEMs who need a reliable transmitter that is price effective. We manufacture only pressure transmitters and have been for 30 years. If you need a partner that knows pressure, you can’t go wrong with Controller Sensors/AutoTran.

Controller Sensors and AutoTran are sister divisions. The same products are available from each division. AutoTran was renamed to Controller Sensors in 2011, but when BEC Controls Corp. (www.beccontrols.com) acquired them in 2014, it decided to bring back the popular and well known AutoTran brand. Controller Sensors (www.controllersensors.com) and AutoTran now operate as divisions of BEC Controls Corp. and the operations have been moved to BEC Controls Corp. in Mineral Point, WI.

BEC Controls Corp. has been manufacturing pressure sensing products since 1958. AutoTran and Controller Sensors will follow in the BEC Controls Corp. tradition of high quality products with a high level of customer service and competitive pricing. As a manufacturer of pressure switches and transmitters for the military among a wide range of other industries, quality and testing is ingrained in our culture.

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